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Volume : 34 Issue : 1 Year : 2019

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Med Med J: 23 (4)
Volume: 23  Issue: 4 - 2008
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1.Association between specific measurement indexes of ankylosing spondylits and demographic data
Şeyma Kolukısa, Afitap İçağasıoğlu, Pınar Akpınar, Yasemin Yumuşakhuylu, Füsun Moral Oğuz, Huriye Aras
Pages 112 - 117

2.Objective and subjective cure rates of TOT procedure
Necdet Süer, Emre Erdoğdu, Taylan Şenol
Pages 118 - 121

3.The frequency of diabetic retinopathy and relevant factors for prediabetic subjects
Erim Gülcan, Fatih Özcura, Sayime Aydın, Esin Erbilen, Lokman Koral
Pages 122 - 125

4.The influence of electrocoagulation and mechanical clipping on reservation of over in tubal sterilization
Necdet Süer, Lale Türkgeldi, Furkan Kayabaşoğlu
Pages 126 - 132

5.Non-pharmacological method and the analysis of antihypertension medication
Nesrin Türk, Ali Süner
Pages 133 - 142

6.Alternative treatment options and menopausal hot flashes
Meltem Demirgöz, Nevin Hotun Şahin
Pages 143 - 148

7.Oculocutaneus Albinism
Ali Karaman, Cengiz Öztürk
Pages 149 - 155

8.A rare case of the carpal intraosseous ganglion: Os triquetrum intraosseous ganglion
Yusuf İyetin, Koray Ünay, Can Demirçay, Abdullah Bilge, Mustafa Çakır
Pages 156 - 157

9.Multiple Familial Trichoepithelioma
İlkin Zindancı, Fatma Kuş Yazar, Ebru Zemheri, Melek Koç, Burçe Can, Zafer Türkoğlu, Emek Kocatürk, Mukaddes Kavala
Pages 158 - 160

10.An infant with perianal abscess: Case report and review of the literature
S. Tolga Yavuz, Adem Karataş
Pages 161 - 164


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