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Volume : 35 Issue : 1 Year : 2020

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By referring to the author and the publisher at the same time, without any profit making motive , and only for educational purposes, the readers can copy the article without the permission of the copyright holder. Before being accepted, all manuscripts go through an expert evaluation process and are accepted or rejected according to the personal opinion of the experts.

All pages (including sources, tables and titles, figure titles, and [if possible] figures) must be saved in a single electronic file.

The manuscripts submitted to Medeniyet Medical Journal for publication should possess the characteristic features of an original work , and it must not been previously published in any form or sent for publication at any time.

The authors must agree to waive the copyright of their work and transfer it together with the submission of their manuscript for evaluation to the Medeniyet Medical Journal. The Editorial Board is authorized to publish the article. However, the authors reserve their patent rights, all unregistered rights other than copyright, the right to reproduce the article for their own purposes, and use all or part of their article in their own books and other academic works (on condition that they provide references) the right to have it on their personal websites or in the university's open archive provided that they indicate the title of the study.

The authors who will send their works to our journal should fill in the "Copyright Transfer Form" , and sign the completed form with a wet signature. The signed form must be scanned and uploaded via the system with the option of uploading additional files during the manuscript submisson steps. At the same time the printed form carrying author’s wet signature must be sent by mail to the following address "LOGOS PUBLISHING, Yıldız Posta Cad. Sinan Apt. No. 36 D. 66/67 Gayrettepe-Istanbul 34349, Turkey" The works of the authors who do not deliver the Copyright Transfer Form to the Logos Publishinmg Co. will not be published.

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