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     ISSN 2149-2042
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Volume : 36 Issue : 3 Year : 2021

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1.The Relation Between the Metopic Suture Persistence and Frontal Sinus Volume and Olfactory Fossa Depth: A Reliability Study with Semiautomatic Volume Measurement
Başak Atalay, Mehmet Bilgin Eser
doi: 10.4274/MMJ.galenos.2021.36306  Page 0

2.The Science of Disaster Medicine: From Response to Risk Reduction
Hüseyin Koçak, Kerem Kınık, Cüneyt Çalışkan, Kurtulus Acıksarı
doi: 10.4274/MMJ.galenos.2021.50375  Page 0


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