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Volume : 38 Issue : 2 Year : 2023

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Cardiac hydatid cyst: A case report [Medeniyet Med J]
Medeniyet Med J. 2009; 24(1): 46-48

Cardiac hydatid cyst: A case report

Özlem Zeynep Gürbüz1, Fatma Alibaz Öner1, Işıl Uzunhasan2, Mecdi Ergüney2
1SBI. Istanbul Education and Research Hospital, 2nd Internal Medicine Clinic, Istanbul
2IU Haseki Cardiology Institute of Cardiology, Istanbul

Hydatid cyst is a zoonosis caused by echinococcos granulosis. Incidence of the disease varies between 5 to 20 in 100 000 in most countries. Cardiac hydatid cysts are rare and comprise 0,5 to 2 % of all hydatid cyst cases. The most frequent location is the free wall of left ventricle and interventriculer septum. A hydatid cyst localized at the apex of left ventricle is an extremely rare occasion. Most of the patients with cardiac hydati-dosis are asymptomatic. We present a case of cardiac hydatid cyst localized at the left ventriculer apex who presented
with atrial fibrillation (AF) and symptoms of heart failure(HF). Hydatid cyst must be considered absolutely in the differantial diagnosis of cardiac cysts.

Keywords: Cardiac hydatid cyst, atrial fibrillation, heart failure

Kardiyak hidatik kist

Özlem Zeynep Gürbüz1, Fatma Alibaz Öner1, Işıl Uzunhasan2, Mecdi Ergüney2
1SB. İstanbul Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi 2. Dahiliye Kliniği, İstanbul
2İ.Ü. Haseki Kardiyoloji Enstitüsü Kardiyoloji, İstanbul

Anahtar Kelimeler: Kardiyak hidatik kist, atriyal fibrilasyon, kalp yetmezliği

Özlem Zeynep Gürbüz, Fatma Alibaz Öner, Işıl Uzunhasan, Mecdi Ergüney. Cardiac hydatid cyst: A case report. Medeniyet Med J. 2009; 24(1): 46-48

Corresponding Author: Özlem Zeynep Gürbüz, Türkiye

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