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Volume : 38 Issue : 3 Year : 2023

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Anxiolytic Testing of Medicinal Plants in Nigeria: Frequently Used Experimental Models [Medeniyet Med J]
Medeniyet Med J. 2019; 34(1): 83-98 | DOI: 10.5222/MMJ.2019.83604  

Anxiolytic Testing of Medicinal Plants in Nigeria: Frequently Used Experimental Models

Mainul Haque1, Abdullahi Rabiu Abubakar2
1Bayero University, Nigeria
2National Defence University Malaysia

Psychopharmacology especially behavioral study is a field of pharmacology that is getting broader attention in Nigeria due to the low quality of life and high prevalence of mental disorders such as anxiety. Various experimental models have been used successfully to demonstrate the anxiolytic property of medicinal plants using laboratory animals. Techniques such as open field test, elevated plus maze, staircase test method, light and dark box test, hole-board test, and beam walking assay are available and functioning effectively in various pharmaceutical research centers and higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. Consequently, this has led to the advancement made in the field of behavioral studies. Furthermore, these experimental models are easy to operate and, in many instances, yield promising and reproducible results. However, the accuracy and the validity of the outcome defend on the experience of the researcher, familiarization with laboratory animals and in-depth knowledge of animal psychology. It is recommended that experimental models for anxiolytic testing can be improved by making an automated apparatus connected to digital watches, video cameras and computers available in Nigeria. The primary goal of this paper is to discuss the most commonly available experimental models in the evaluation of the anxiolytic activity of medicinal plants in Nigeria and to give a recommendation for further improvement and drug development.

Keywords: Anxiolytic, Open-Field, Elevated-Plus-Maze, Rodents, Medicinal-Plants.

Mainul Haque, Abdullahi Rabiu Abubakar. Anxiolytic Testing of Medicinal Plants in Nigeria: Frequently Used Experimental Models. Medeniyet Med J. 2019; 34(1): 83-98

Corresponding Author: Mainul Haque, Malaysia

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