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Volume : 37 Issue : 2 Year : 2022

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Medeniyet Med J: 35 (4)
Volume: 35  Issue: 4 - 2020
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5.The Validity and Reliability of the Jefferson Scale of Physician Lifelong Learning for Medical Students into Turkish
İrem Dilara Kaptan, Hasan Huseyin Mutlu, Cem Malakcioglu, Hacer Hicran Mutlu, Mehmet Sargin
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.33677  Pages 281 - 289

6.MODY Probability Ratios in Patients Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at a Young Age
Mirac Vural Keskinler, Ayse Naciye Erbakan, Aytekin Oguz
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.56805  Pages 290 - 294

7.Association of Hereditary Prothrombotic Risk Factors with ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction
İbrahim Halil Damar, Recep Eroz
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.67366  Pages 295 - 303

8.Factors of Respiratory Symptoms Among Domestic Waste Collectors
Loganathan Salvaraji, Mohammad Saffree Jeffree, Richard Avoi, Hazelina Mohd Akhir, Syed Sharizman Syed Abdul Rahim, Khamisah Awang Lukman
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.82246  Pages 304 - 309

9.A Study of Depressive Symptoms in Doctors Working at COVID-19 Hospitals: An Online Survey.
Musharaf Bashir, Himani Ahluwalia, Sheikh Imran Sayeed, Imran Nazir Salroo
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.88614  Pages 310 - 314

10.An Alternative Approach to Wound Healing Field with Polypodium Vulgare
Sebnem Batur, Sule Ayla, Ayse Arzu Sakul, Mehmet Evren Okur, Ayşe Esra Karadağ, Benay Daylan, Ekrem Musa Özdemir, Nuray Kepil, Mehmet Yalcin Gunal
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.89983  Pages 315 - 323

11.Morphological Variations of Peroneus Tertius: A Cadaveric Study with Anatomical and Clinical Consideration
Khizer Hussain Afroze M, Sangeeta Muralidharan, J. Leonoline Ebenezer, Sasirekha Muthusamy
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.98512  Pages 324 - 329

12.Optic Nerve Head Changes in Patients with Optic Neuritis Secondary to Multiple Sclerosis: A Comparison of The Affected and Fellow Healthy Eyes
Sevcan Balcı, Merve Beyza Yıldız, Alev Özçelik Köse, Devran Süer, Ece Turan Vural, Canan Emir, Nursal Melda Yenerel
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.99075  Pages 330 - 337

13.Tuberculosis and Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) From Clinical Perspective: A Systematic Review
Tri Hari Irfani, Reynold Siburian, Riska Nabila, Tungki Pratama Umar
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.36775  Pages 338 - 343

14.A Rare Intra-Orbital Mass: An Isolated Mucocele
Che Mohdhilmi Che Mat, Fakri Mustapha, Rosli Mohd Noor, Rosdi Ramli, Irfan Mohamad
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.01057  Pages 344 - 348

15.Concurrent Double Primary Tumours: Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma and Cervical Epithelioid Angiosarcoma
Sai Guan Lum, Nurhamizah Mahmud, Nurismah Isa, Marina Mat Baki
doi: 10.5222/MMJ.2020.83479  Pages 349 - 355


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